Best Sports for a Bad Back

Stretching is one of the best sports for a bad back.

Nearly 10 percent of all Americans experience chronic back pain. Even more people report episodes of back pain that affect their daily life. Back pain can hinder many physical activities due to pain, soreness, or discomfort. However, maintaining an active lifestyle by playing sports can be really helpful for your overall physical and mental health. The key is choosing the right sports or physical activities that won’t flare up your back pain. Health professionals encourage active lifestyles because so working with a doctor to find what’s right for you is important. Below are some of the best sports activities for your back.

Sports and Your Spine

Sports put a lot of impact and can put major strain on your spine. If you already suffer from back pain or a bad back, this can be even more painful. Exercise is intended to strengthen your body (including your back), so if it creates more pain, it can defeat the whole purpose. However, being active is good for your body and mind. Finding the right exercises that don’t exacerbate your current pain and strengthen your back can actually help with your back issues. Working with a spine specialist on what will help your body is a great way to get back to feeling like yourself again. While some back conditions are chronic, numerous physical activities can help relieve some of your symptoms.

Sports for Those with Bad Backs

Below you will find some medical professional approved sports you can participate in even with a bad back. Moderation is essential, and remember to stop if your pain gets worse. For the best results, consult a spine specialist to ensure that these are right for you.

  • Walking: This is a low impact activity that can increase the stability of your spine and muscles that keep your body in an upright position. It also helps with circulation, flexibility, and posture. 
  • Aerobics: This can help relieve back pain by decreasing stiffness and improving blood flow to your spine. Low-impact aerobics can elevate your heart rate without negatively impacting your spine if done correctly. 
  • Tai Chi: Research has proven that Tai chi can ease back pain when coupled with deep breathing. It also helps strengthen your abdomen and pelvic areas, which help support your lower back.
  • Swimming: This is a low-impact exercise that can help with your range of motion in your spine. The water helps with reducing any stress on your joints and spine to help you get stronger without any pain. 
  • Yoga: This is similar to Tai-chi but slightly more intense as it can help strengthen your back and spine. The low-impact and low-intensity can also help with your flexibility. 
  • Resistance Training: Resistance bands can help strengthen your back (and entire body) without weights. They will not strain your back or cause pain.

Back pain and injuries are joint, so you don’t want to let them hold you back. There are effective treatment options that are right for you. Consulting with a spine specialist can help remove the confusion or worry you may have about continuing with a certain physical activity.

OC Spine Specialists

If you are experiencing back pain and can’t find the right exercises for your body, contact the top spine specialists in Orange County for a consultation. Back pain should not slow you down and should not keep you from maintaining a healthy body and lifestyle. The specialists at OC Spine Centers believe in carefully customizing patient care and treatment based on your specific condition and individualized needs. They will be able to evaluate your medical history and physical condition to provide you with a successful exercise plan. For relief from your back pain, contact the office for an appointment and get back to feeling yourself again.